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Renters/Condo Insurance

Often, renters don't realize that even though the owner/landlord may have insurance for the building, your contents are usually not covered unless you insure them yourself with renters insurance.

It doesnít matter if you're renting an apartment, a condo, or a home Ė most likely, the landlord's insurance policy is not going to pay for your beautiful plasma TV, your furniture, your clothing or any of your other personal items in the event of a claim like a theft, fire, or water damage.

The value of contents can add up very quickly. Making sure you have sufficient renters insurance coverage can help tremendously after a claim.

Your Personal Liability ó A renters policy also provides liability coverage to protect you when others are injured inside the property that you are renting and when you or your family members' negligence resulted in the injury. Liability insurance coverage can also apply to injuries or property damage that occurs away from your rented space when you or your family members' negligence resulted in the injury or damage.

Is a Renters Insurance Policy Expensive?
A renters policy is relatively inexpensive. For example, $25,000 of contents coverage subject to a $250 deductible coupled with $500,000 of personal liability can cost as low as $135 per year.

And when you have a renters insurance policy with the same insurer of your cars, you may qualify for a multi-policy discount.

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